Ruben Hernandez (Trompetista)



Ruben Hernandez  began his musical studies in Alicante (year 1990) where he emphasized as  trumpeter. Some years later he began to study at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Almeria the career of trumpet specialized knowledge . He finished those in Granada (Spain).

He was boring of classical pieces and old styles .He need to focus his music on the market and today’s modern music world, out of the routine of classical study, He started the possibility of entering the trumpet in a new way.

Around the world Ruben was learning differents kind of music and playing a own style. It was based on  the most important styles like Electronics, chillout or house and ethnic rhythms where Ruben has proved his style and elegante.

Ruben Hernandez play music in all the world and in different cultures. Actually, He has performed in Berlin, Moscow, Paris, London, India, Egypt, Dubai ….

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