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We want to let you know, about us Marbella Party

the importance of transmitting and knowing how to enjoy good music.

Some think that by downloading the music from the internet everything is done.

In the past, the DJ spent hours and hours looking for and selecting good music,

a song «Vinyl» for your ears cost what any USB costs,

in which you can put all the music from today’s fashionable radio.

It’s not enough to just buy DJ equipment on (Amazon) and download the music.

This is not our philosophy, the philosophy of DJ Marengo who already does

We have been doing this all our lives and our musical selectivity makes us unique

25-30 years ago, when being a DJ was reserved for few people,

There was no one who did this, he surpassed himself and offered the best.

Investing time and effort in it, the recognition of where we are going!

work meticulously well, to be better and recognized every day.

This is our philosophy.

for this;

The best we know how to do, be musicians and music lovers, transmit it to you through

of our work to make you live unique experiences through music.

We learned with years of experience, that the essential thing is to love what you do,

stream it every night and have fun with good music, you have the music in you
Marbella Party has an alias wherever it goes and that alias is «Marengo». Who loved music and made your feet burn on the disco floor.

Marbella Party made your special event and party in all coast of sun – Costa del sol – Sotogrande – Estepona – Fuengirola – Mijas – Málaga

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